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Photocopier Guide

Size and Dimensions of Photocopier

One of the most important decisions about a photocopier is Photocopier’s size.

You can choose a capable multi-functional device (also known as “MFD” or “MFP”) or a more compact desktop photocopier.

1). Desktop photocopiers are cheaper and easier to transport but best suited to domestic over office use as they can typically only cope with between five hundred and a thousand copies per month

2). Multi-functional photocopier devices(MFDs/MFPs) are best suited to businesses or those with bulk copying requirements. Some of these machines can print over 200,000 copies per month. MFDs also have a greater variety of use, giving options for printing, copying, scanning and faxing.

Size and Dimensions of Photocopier

Copier Maintenance Contracts in Karachi

MJ Copier House provides service of Copier Maintenance Contracts in Karachi Buying a photostat machine / photocopier machine involves having complete accountability for maintenance. You will need to decide if you would like to have a contract in place, Service contract with parts might save you from major loss.

Service & Maintenance contracts can vary between parts and without parts and it is important to read the terms carefully.

Do not worry yourself for the following:

* What will the contract cover?

* Will it be a fixed fee per month or will it be based on usage?

* Are the costs of parts and labor covered?

* Consumable costs included?

* How quickly will a technician be sent out if required?


Assess Your Photocopying Requirements(How to Buy a Photocopier)

Assess Your Photocopying Requirements (How to Buy a Photocopier in Karachi), There is a huge array of photocopy machines available on the market for office use. Not only is there a wide choice of machines but there are different purchase options and maintenance considerations.

Before making your purchase, you should consider some key questions, to help choose the model most suited to your requirements.

These include:
* What is your current paper consumption?
* How many copies will you copy per month?
* Will you need color or just black and white copies?
* Do you need additional functions such as printer and scanner?

Why Do I Need a Photocopier

The modern photocopier machines  are still the cheapest and most effective way of making paper copies of texts, documents, and images(Why Do I Need a Photocopier).

Prices of photocopier machines are more competitive than ever, and the options to get photocopy machines on rent or buy a photocopier machine give flexibility to business owners, it’s now cheaper and easier than ever to equip your office.

Photocopier On Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly Rental Basis